Watch Locker is a watch retail and distribution company established in 2011 with the aim of providing genuine timepieces to Nigerians at affordable prices. We understand that a watch is more than a timepiece, its an expression of your individuality and style. Hence our slogan:
Quality time just for you.


Skullcandy is a leading audio brand that reflects the collision of the music, fashion and action sports lifestyles. Our brand and distinctive logo symbolizes youth and rebellion, and embodies our motto, “Every revolution needs a soundtrack.” Founded on innovation, we fuse bold color schemes, loud patterns, unique materials and creative packaging with the latest audio technologies and innovative functionalities to create new and unique product.

Cruis3 Control NG

Cruis3 Control NG is a creative agency aimed at bringing out the best of every moment, instigating valuable social engineering, igniting an unstoppable zeal to achieve among Africans and spreading the message of good will and good vibes across the world.

Adètorch Clothing Ltd

Adètorch Clothing Ltd is a brand which was established in 2010 and under such a short period has come to stand out in the modern day  fashion world and boasts of casual wears,to our well crafted traditional attires and knitted embroidery’s, to our tailored to fit custom made suits for The  Classic man.
 Adètorch gives you a blend of elegance and style and boast of different arrays of clients from the vibrant young ones to the older ones we encourage you to come and have a feel of Adetorch as it’s a  guaranteed clothing experience like no other.

Speaking Cards

Vocal Circuits Limited is a Manufacturing company specializing in the production of Self-Playing Media devices. Speaking Cards & Speaking Books are our flagship products. We create marketing materials,custom wedding and party invitations, announcements, programmed with your specific audio content using voice chip and sound module technology.

Premium Souvenirs

Premium Souvenirs Ltd supplies innovative, design-led promotional products and merchandise. We have been around for almost a decade and are now firmly established as the top destination for customers looking for new and different promotional products for marketing drives and events, end-of-year gifts, employee recognition, sales incentives and indeed for any occasion or celebration.

Much of our merchandise is exclusive. We love to innovate so our collections are constantly

Arcadia Digital Networks

Arcadia Digital Networks is a digital technology company with competence in mobile advertising, online media buying, social media strategy and community management. Our strategic goal is to provide a 360° efficient and measurable online presence to all our clients and brands on online, mobile and social media platforms.