About Us

Saints Football Club was founded in October 2014 by a group of friends who usually play football

together just to pass time. These group of friends decided to start competing as a team and hence

the birth of Saints FC.

Saints FC is an Amateur football club based in Lagos, Nigeria and our first game as a team was at

the third edition of the TPL. The difference in our approach to the competition was evident from

day one as we started creating buzz with our photo shoots to introduce ourselves into the

competition, and other teams followed suit.

Our induction competition campaign was a huge success even though the team narrowly missed

the finals and came fourth; We had done enough to catch the eye of some sponsors.

Prior to the fourth edition of the TPL, Saints FC secured the backing of 234Brands, who hold the

franchise for Skullcandy earbuds and headphones in Nigeria; we got to reward our growing

fanbase with these products on a regular basis through competitions on social media. We also went

on to win the fourth edition of the TPL and have since been experiencing massive growth as a club

both in fanbase and brand endorsements. The Saints Fc is more than just a football club as we also

have a charity arm called SAINTS CARE.

We are currently on our campaign for the fifth edition of the TPL at which we’re going to attempt

to retain our title and win the gold medal back to back. At this edition, we are imploring all our

fans, partners and rivals to #BringItOn.